Dear Investor,

In order to provide you the required facility of NIT Web Portal / Mobile App, we attach herewith an application form of NIT-Web Portal & Mobile App Webportal W-1". You are requested to please fill in and send your signed form to NIT-Branch where your account is registered. After updating your details in our system, you may be able to further proceed and avail this facility.

If you have already submitted "W-1" form, so kindly skip this step and proceed further.

For further assistance, please call us at 0800-00648.

Best Practices

We being the pioneers and leaders of the mutual fund industry in Pakistan firmly believe in following best practices in all aspects of Corporate Governance within our organization, as well as in our investee companies with a view to safeguard the interests of all stake holders.


We pride ourselves in serving our Investors effectively and efficiently, with utmost professionalism and by following the highest ethical standards.


We operate with unimpeachable integrity and unwavering commitment while creating new opportunities for our Investors.


We believe in the highest standards of transparency and disclosure, working towards getting better value for our Investors which over the years has enhanced the Trust of our stakeholders in the Management Company.

CSR Document