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Welcome to the website of National Investment Trust Limited – the pioneer of the Mutual Fund Industry in Pakistan. Incorporated in 1962 under Companies Act 1913, with National Bank of Pakistan as Trustee for the Fund. NIT is now a well recognized Brand, managing eight Funds namely NI(U)T Fund, NIT-IEF (Islamic), NIT-SEF, NIT-EMOF, NIT-GBF, NIT-IF, NIT-MMF and NIT-IIF. In addition to mutual funds NIT has also managing two pension funds NIT-PF & NIT-IPF. 

NIT’s foremost objective is to increase stakeholders’ value by providing best possible returns for Individuals as well as Institutional Investors.

NIT believes in best practices of Corporate Governance including protection of share holders, adding value for all stakeholders and Disclosure & Transparency in its operations. NIT not only complies with all mandatory requirements as prescribed in the Companies Act 2017, NBFC and NE Regulations and the Code of Corporate Governance, but taking a leap forward, NIT plays a major role in promoting best practices of Corporate Governance, in more than 400 companies. We have nominee Directors in 80 Investee Companies, in all major sectors of the economy.

Our revamped website, with our new corporate image, is in consonance with today’s world, allowing us to interact with our existing and potential customers. It contains information about NITL, its objectives, the services offered, and how the organization is structured. Our aim is to provide information to existing and potential unit holders depicting the performance of our Funds.

I invite you to visit our website frequently, and shall look forward to your suggestions and feedback.