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Tender List

Tender # Tender Title Download Opening Date Closing Date Status
TN-16 SUPPLY OF GENERAL STATIONERY 2010-12-14 2010-12-28 Close
TN-14 Branded Desktop Business Computers 2010-11-23 2010-12-09 Close
TN-13 SUPPLY OF GENERAL STATIONERY 2010-08-31 2010-09-16 Close
TN-12 TENDER FOR COURIER SERVICES 2010-07-08 2010-07-26 Close
TN-10 SUPPLY OF GENERAL STATIONERY 2010-05-28 2010-06-14 Close
TN-9 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) 2010-05-25 2010-06-09 Close
TN-8 PREQUALIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS 2010-05-10 2010-05-25 Close
TN-6 Tender for Purchase of Backup & Recovery Softwares with LTO3 Tapes 2010-04-10 2010-04-26 Close
TN-5 Tender for Provision of Architectural and Interior Design Services 2010-03-22 2010-04-07 Close
TN-7 Purchase of Quantity (02) Servers & Link Balancer 2010-02-10 2010-03-01 Close
TN-15 Purchase of Software Licenses 2010-11-23 2010-12-09 Close
TN-4 Pre-qualification of Printers 2010-01-12 2010-02-01 Close
TN-3 Purchase of Laptop 2009-12-24 2010-01-19 Close
TN-2 Tender for purchase of branded Pc's 2010-01-14 2010-02-01 Close
TN-1 National Investment Trust Limited (NIT), Karachi 2009-06-25 2009-07-13 Close