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20-09-2021 NIT has Launched Islamic Money Market Fund
27-08-2021 MD NITL Met MD Fauji Foundation and Briefed on Performance & Launching of New NITL Funds
03-08-2021 NITL Funds Available on Emlaak Financials to Facilitate Investors
07-07-2021 NIT Declares Dividends for Funds under its management for the year ended June 30, 2021
01-06-2021 PACRA Upgrades Highest Asset Manager Rating of AM1 to NITL
12-01-2021 NITL Assigned AM1, Highest Asset Management Rating By VIS
29-06-2020 NITL Has Launched New Web Portal & Mobile App.
29-06-2020 NIT Complies Asset Manager Code of Conduct
05-05-2020 “NIT’s Government Bond Fund (NIT-GBF) becomes the largest and best performing in highest rated Sovereign Income Category”
05-07-2019 NIT declares dividend for all funds under its management for the year ended 30th June 2019.
08-05-2019 PACRA Upgrades Stability Rating of NIT Money Market Fund
20-12-2018 NIT’s Gujrat City Branch Inauguration
05-07-2018 NIT declares dividend for all funds under its management for the year ended 30th June 2018.
16-11-2017 NIT 55th Anniversary Celebration
23-06-2017 NIT announces interim results for FY 17
30-06-2016 NIT Launches Third Islamic Fund –NIT ISLAMIC INCOME FUND
18-01-2016 NIT to Enter in Money Market with a new Fund, NIT-GTF
10-11-2015 NIT to Begin Business in Newly Inaugurated NIT Investment Outlet at Sarmayakari Markaz, Abbottabad
18-06-2015 NIT Offers Two New Funds
18-05-2015 NIT-Islamic Equity Fund Gets Tremendous Response of Over Rs. 3.9 Billion
03-07-2014 NITL Funds - Unit Prices June 30,2014
02-07-2014 Interim Announcement for the Period Ending June 30,2014
29-05-2014 Shahid Ghaffar Resumes the Charge of New MD NIT
30-01-2014 MD NIT Addresses IPO – Summit-2014
08-01-2014 NIT repaid all loans obtained for NIT – State Enterprise Fund
24-09-2013 Chairman's Review - Quarterly Report September 2013
24-09-2013 Chairman's Review - Annual Report 2013
05-07-2013 NIT Announces Results for FY13
11-04-2012 Chairman's Review - Quarterly Report March 2012
06-02-2012 Wazir Khoja Congratulates Pakistan Cricket Team on WHITE WASH Against England.
31-01-2012 Toyota Southern Motors Cricket T-20 Tournament; Southend Stallions Wins Against NIT.
19-01-2012 Wazir Ali Khoja Congratulates Pakistan Cricket Team on Beating England in First Test Match.
06-01-2012 NIT’s Golden Jubilee Gift to its Unit Holders Profit Redemption by NIT/Summit Bank ATM Card.
22-12-2011 Wazir Ali Khoja Congratulates Pakistan Cricket Team on Clean Sweep Against Bangladesh.
12-12-2011 NIT Rules Out the Possibility of Any Huge Selling.
21-11-2011 NIT’S Promotional Kiosk at Aga Khan Health Mela Ends Successfully.
21-11-2011 Wazir Ali Khoja Facilitates Pakistan Cricket Team on Clinching One Day Series Against Srilanka.
21-11-2011 NITL Wins Against Muslim Cricket Club in an Exciting Match.
16-11-2011 NIT Sets Up Sales Promotion Kiosk in Aga Khan Health Mela at Aga Khan Gymkhana.
31-10-2011 Pakistan Cricket Back on the Path of Victory - Wazir Ali Khoja.
25-10-2011 BBT Wins Against NIT Cricket Team in a Thrilling Match.
16-09-2011 Wazir Ali Khoja Felicitates Aleem Dar.
05-07-2011 NIT Declares Outstanding Results for All Funds for the Year Ended June 30, 2011.
07-06-2011 NIT’s Sales Promotion Counters Drive at Islamabad.
24-05-2011 NIT’s Promotional Kiosk at PSO Head Office Ends Successfully.
20-05-2011 NIT's Promotional Kiosk in PSO Head Office, Karachi.
17-05-2011 NIT’S Third Branch Inaugurated in Lahore.
16-05-2011 Inauguration of New NIT Branch at Township (Lahore) Today.
11-05-2011 NIT Sets up Sales Promotion Kiosk at Makro Store (Star Gate) Karachi.
25-04-2011 NIT Sets Kiosk at PAF Museum Drigh Road.
22-04-2011 NIT Sets Kiosk at PAF Museum Drigh Road.
12-04-2011 NIT Announces Remarkable Results for 9MFY11