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NIT Money Market Fund (NIT-MMF) (formerly NIT-GTF). It is an open end Money Market Fund, investing primarily in short-term Government securities, Bank Placements and any other Money Market Instrument with maximum weighted average time to maturity not exceeding 90 days.

NIT-MMF (formerly NIT-GTF) is a low risk money market fund. As on 30th September 2021, NIT-MMF had Funds under management of around Rs. 10.99 Billion.

Daily Price

Price Valid For 01 Dec 2021
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Sale Repurchase
9.7031 9.7031


To Generate competitive returns with minimum risk for its unit holders by investing in low risk, liquid, short tenor fixed income securities/money market instruments.

Benefits of NIT-MMF
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Competitive Returns
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Low Management Fee
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Professional Fund Management Expertise
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Low Risk

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No Minimum Holding Period
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Ease of Redemption
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No Penalty on withdrawal
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Easy Encashment

Features of NIT-MMF:

  • Competitive Returns
  • Lowest Management Fee
  • Professional fund management expertise
  • Risk diversification

Risk Meter

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Price NAV / History

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Fund Facts

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Money Market

Risk Profile Image Not Found

Minimum Investment Image Not Found
Initial Amount: PKR 1,000
Subsequent Amount: PKR 500

Par Value Image Not Found
Rs. 10/-

Transaction Charges Image Not Found
Front-End Load: NIL
Back-End Load: NIL

Management Fee Image Not Found
5.0% of Gross Earnings, subject to a cap of 1 percent p.a.
of Average Annual Net Assets

Pricing Mechanism Image Not Found

Benchmark Image Not Found
70% three (3) months PKRV rates + 30% three (3) months
average deposit rate of three (3) AA rated scheduled Banks as
selected by MUFAP

Offering Documents


Trust Deed


4 Years Performance Period

Performance period FY20 FY19 FY18 FY17 FY16
NIT-MMF 12.51% 8.87% 5.18% 4.95% 5.03%
Benchmark 11.64% 8.73% 5.36% 4.27% 5.56%
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