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National Investment Unit Trust (NIUT) is the Pakistan’s largest and oldest Mutual Fund. As on December 31st, 2019, the portfolio of NIUT Fund carries an investment of around Rs. 58.292 Billion invested in over 382 listed companies. The Fund belongs to around 47,731 unit holders. NI(U)T has been governed under the Trust Deed dated 12th November 1962, executed between National Investment Trust Ltd (NITL) as Management Company and National Bank of Pakistan as Trustee.

Daily Price

As on 04 Jun 2020
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The core objective of the Fund is to maximize returns for unit holders, provide a regular stream of current income through dividends, while long term growth is achieved by the management of diversified portfolio and investments into growth and high yielding equity securities.

Benefits of NI(U)T
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Competitive Returns
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Low Management Fee
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Professional Fund Management Expertise
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Moderate / High Risk

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No Minimum Holding Period
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Ease of Redemption
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No Penalty on withdrawl
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Easy Encashment

Features of NI(U)T:

  • Maximize returns for Unit holders
  • Provide a regular stream of current income through dividends
  • Avail Tax Credit (as per applicable tax laws)

Risk Meter

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Price NAV / History

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Fund Facts

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Initial Amount: PKR 5,000
Subsequent Amount: PKR 5,000

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Rs. 10/-

Transaction Charges Image Not Found
Front-End Load: 3%
Back-End Load: NIL

Management Fee Image Not Found
1.2% per annum

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Forward Day

Benchmark Image Not Found
KSE-100 Index

Offering Documents


Trust Deed


5 Years Performance Period

Performance period FY19 FY18 FY17 FY16 FY15
NIUT -23.94% -11.81% 35.44% 9.59% 20.30%
Benchmark -19.11% -10.00% 23.24% 9.84% 16.00%
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